18mm Black SK5 Steel Snap-Off Blades

Product information

Our 18mm snap-off blades made from SK5 high carbon steel are crafted with precision and durability in mind, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking high-quality cutting tools.

MOQ100,000 pieces
StandardISO 9001:2015
MaterialSK5 steel
Length100 mm (3.94 inches)
Thickness0.5mm (0.02 inches)

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SK5 snap-off blades are popular due to their durable construction, versatile functionality, and sharp cutting performance. They are in high demand and widely used in a range of industries and applications.


Product ImageMaterialsSizeSections
18 mm sk5 breakaway bladeSK5 carbon steel18x100x0.5mm (0.71x3.94x0.02 inches)8 sections

Product Detail

sk5 snap off blade made of high carbon steel

SK5 High Carbon Steel

SK5 is a high carbon steel that is commonly used for making cutting tools. It has a high hardness and wear resistance, which makes it ideal for applications where the blade needs to maintain a sharp edge for a long time.


Package ContentsQuantityUnit
Large Paper Boxes1carton
Plastic Boxes10large paper box
Snap-Off Blades per Plastic Box10plastic box
Total Snap-Off Blades per Large Paper Box100snap-off blades

Why Choose SK5 Snap-off Blade

FeatureSK5 Snap-off BladeStainless Steel Snap-off BladeTitanium Snap-off Blade
MaterialSK5 steelStainless steelTitanium
DurabilityVery durableMore durable than high-carbon steel, less durable than SK5 steelMost durable
SharpnessVery sharpLess sharp than SK5 steelSharper than SK5 steel
Cost-effectivenessCost-effectiveMore expensive than high-carbon steel, less expensive than SK5 steelMost expensive
AvailabilityWidely availableLess widely available than SK5 steelLess widely available than stainless steel


What's the MOQ?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) of SK5 snap-off is 100,000 blades. You can contact us for more order detail and our sales representative will reply you soon.

Do you offer free sample?

Free sample is available, but the shipping cost needs has to be on customer’s side. Please don’t worry, we have cooperation with express company, so the cost will be reasonable.

Why is this blade black?

The blade is black because it has been coated with a black oxide finish. This finish protects the blade from corrosion and rust, and it also makes the blade more durable. The black oxide finish is applied using a process called thermal oxidation. In this process, the blade is heated to a high temperature in an oxygen-rich environment. This causes the surface of the blade to react with the oxygen, forming a thin layer of black oxide.

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