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Bread lame / dough scorer cuts facilitate rising during the baking process. This scorer's beveled shape simulates the rounded edges of dough, producing beautiful, decorative indents in the baked loaves.

MOQ3,000 pieces
StandardISO 9001:2015
MaterialCarbon steel + ABS
Length42.6 mm (1.68inches)
Width20 mm (0.79 inches)
Thickness0.3mm (0.01 inches)

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This stainless steel blade includes a plastic handle and sleeve for protective cover when not in use. As with any sharp object, extreme caution is advised when using this product.

No baker’s set of tools is complete without a high quality bread lame/dough scorer. This Xirui stainless steel double edged bread lame/dough scorer is perfect for creating ventilation slits in baguettes and a number of other baked goods.

baker blade usage scene

Blade Specifications


Product ImageMaterialsSizeThickness
baker-bladeCarbon steel42.6x20mm (1.68x0.79 inches)0.3mm (0.01 inches)

Handle Specifications

Product ImageMaterialsSizeWeight
baker-bladeABS153x26mm (6.02x1.02 inches)8.9g
baker-bladeABS148x26mm (5.83x1.02 inches)9.1g
baker-bladeABS148x26mm (5.83x1.02 inches)9.1g
baker-bladeABS148x26mm (5.83x1.02 inches)9.1g
baker blade handle in greenABS165.1x50.8x5mm (6.5 x 2 x 0.2 inches)10g


Does the baker blade meet food safety standards

Yes, our factories have been ISO 9001:2015, BSCI and High- tech enterprise certified. You can have the test report of baker blades together with your goods.

Can I customize the blades with pattern instead of pure color?

Yes. You can put any design or logo on the knife. Contact us for detail discussion.

Is the blade of the baking knife shown on page replaceable?

No, this one is not blade replaceable.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our baker blades.

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