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Xirui heavy duty carpet blades are constructed of high quality steel, yielding clean and professional results. These precision sharpened blades deliver sharp, clean and fast cuts. Round corner blades help prevent cutting beneath the carpet and run along the subfloor without damaging it. Xirui carpet blades fit most, if not all, standard carpet knives. Replacing a carpet knife's blade helps maintain optimal cutting performance.

MOQ100,000 pieces
StandardISO 9001:2015
MaterialStainless steel
Length57 mm (2.24 inches)
Width19 mm (0.75 inches)
Thickness0.4 mm (0.02 inches)

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Blade Highlight

  • Premium stainless steel blade with double cutting edge
  • Super Sharp!
  • Fits any standard slotted carpet knife
  • Individually wrapped for safety & corrosion protection
  • Available in 10 pack & 100 pack
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blade length blade

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blade lengthXR-GY011

Length:57mm (2.24 inches)

Width:19mm (0.75 inches)

Thickness:0.4mm (0.02 inches)

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blade length

Material: Plastic

Size:6.5x1.25x0.6 inches

Weight:0.28 lbs

blade width

Material: Metal

Size:9x3x1 inches

Weight:0.07 lbs


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