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Announces New Injection Workshop

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We at Xirui Manufacturing, a prominent manufacturer of eyebrow razors in China, are thrilled to share the news of our newly opened injection workshop. Spanning an area of 3800m², the workshop is equipped with 36 injection machines and the latest technology to bring better quality products to our customers.

The new injection workshop allows for the manufacture of up to 7.5-8 million pieces of eyebrow razors per month, which means the company can now meet more demand for their popular products and even bulk customization production needs.

36 new injection machines.jpg

“We are thrilled with the opening of our new injection workshop,” said Aimee, the market manager at Xirui Manufacturing. ”

new injection workshop

This new facility enables us to continue to improve our manufacturing process and meet the needs of our customers who rely on us for high-quality products.”

Xirui’s focus on state-of-the-art technology and quality control means that customers can continue to trust the company for innovative solutions that meet their needs.

new injection machine

If you are interested in learning more about Xirui or its products, please visit the company’s website or contact a sales representative.

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