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Attend the 27th China Beauty Expo

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2023 the 27 th china beauty expo invitation

As a pioneering beauty expert, Xirui is thrilled to preview the ultimate meditations on glamour and allure at the 27th China Beauty Expo this May. For over 19 years, Xirui has innovated countless razor blades, makeup sponges and eyebrow razors that dazzle and delight. This year at CBE, Xirui delves deeper into the mysteries of allure and adorns its booth with our exquisite products.

As an authority in beauty essentials, Xirui launches coveted tools for buffed beauties at the 27th China Beauty Expo. For discerning divas, Xirui’s premium makeup sponges and microfiber puffs absorb and release pigment for a flawless canvas. Those craving hair and brow perfection will thrill in Xirui’s detailing razors and ultra-precise eyebrow trimmers.

Xirui also debuts five-blade razors and ergonomic handles that glide through even the coarsest hair with nary a nick. A five-star safety razor delivers a defined arch without irritation. At booth W2U16, Xirui experts will share pro tips and tricks for every bombshell on how to achieve a red carpet glow with Xirui’s trusted tools.

Get your glow on with Xirui - streamline, define and blur to beauty. Discover makeup brushes, shaving essentials, nail scissors, razors and more at CBE Booth W2U16. Join Xirui from May 12-14 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre for bespoke consultations and unparalleled customization.

Beauty comes to you at CBE - Customized Perfection, Personalized to You.

Connect with radiance and revelry - We await!

May 12 - 14 Booth W2U16

Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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