Refillable Short-Handle Shave Razor With Precision Swedish Steel

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Short-handle razor boasts Swedish steel blades for a precise, irritation-free shave, all in a compact, travel-friendly design. Impress clients, employees, and VIPs with this premium corporate gift.

MOQ5,000 pieces.
StandardISO 9001:2015
MaterialABS + PS + TPE

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  • Swedish Steel Blades: Experience unparalleled sharpness and longevity with 5 replaceable blades forged from the finest Swedish steel. Each blade delivers a clean, irritation-free shave that lasts.
  • Short-Handle Design: Engineered for ultimate control and precision, the Executive Shave’s compact handle provides exceptional maneuverability, perfect for reaching those tricky contours.
  • Replaceable Cartridge System: Enjoy the convenience and cost-effectiveness of a replaceable cartridge system. Simply swap out used cartridges for fresh blades, maintaining peak performance for longer.

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