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2024 New Grinding Equipment

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[Jiangxi, April 2024] - Xirui Manufacturing, a leading blade manufacturing factory in China, has recently announced the introduction of state-of-the-art German grinding equipment and a comprehensive design upgrade. The strategic move aims to enhance production capacity, improve manufacturing processes, and elevate product quality to meet the growing market demands.

blade grinding

Xirui Manufacturing, with over 20 years of experience, specializes in the production of personal care blades such as double-edged razor blades, eyebrow razor blades, and disposable razor blades. In a bid to better cater to customer needs, the company opted to incorporate cutting-edge German grinding equipment after meticulous market research and supplier evaluations.

Blade Grinding Machine

The newly integrated German grinding equipment offers a host of advantages, significantly enhancing blade manufacturing processes in terms of quality and efficiency.

Grinding process during blade manufacturing

Apart from the grinding equipment upgrade, Xirui Manufacturing has also optimized and upgraded various equipment involved in blade production, including heat treatment, plating, and sintering processes. The company’s technical team has embarked on visits to leading blade manufacturing factories worldwide, advancing process standardization and parameterization, further elevating product quality and manufacturing efficiency.

xirui - blade manufacturer

Xirui Manufacturing is committed to providing customers with professional technical expertise and customized production services, while actively exploring the prospects of the industry. Whether you have specific blade manufacturing requirements or a keen interest in the field, Xirui Manufacturing welcomes you to get in touch and join the journey of shaping the future of blade manufacturing.

Double-edged Razor Blade Manufacturing Process

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