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A Guide to Developing Custom Product Packaging

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Product packaging design is an important part of customized manufacturing. It not only impacts the visual effect of the product but also enhances its value and brand image. This article introduces the packaging design process from the perspective of a manufacturing factory and the work required from both sides in each step for the brand’s customized production.

Communication Between Brand and Designer

When looking for a manufacturer to design packaging, it is necessary to communicate fully with their designers. Inform the designers about the envisioned product name, packaging form, basic dimensions, packaging text, brand positioning, product price, budget for packaging materials, and target audience. This helps the designers gain a deeper understanding of what needs to be done. Taking razor blade packaging design as an example, the brand needs to specify the razor model, size, and clarify whether the main purpose of the packaging is to highlight product features, enhance the brand image, or promote activities. Designers can only highlight the focus in their design after deeply understanding the product characteristics, advantages, and positioning.

communication between brand and designer

Packaging Form

Packaging serves to protect products, enhance product value, shape the brand image, and provide information. When choosing a razor blade packaging form, consider the target customer group and cost budget.

Common razor blade packaging materials include:

  • Color box packaging: Low cost with good print effects but only suitable for single or small quantities of razor blades.

  • PET box packaging: Clear plastic boxes can display product appearance and are suitable for high-end razor blade packaging.

  • Single-surface vacuum packaging: tightly wraps the product and provides protection, suitable for multi-blade razor packaging.

  • Cardboard packaging: Durable and suitable for gift boxes.

shaving razor packaging forms

Market Research

After understanding the brand’s needs, designers generally conduct market research and competitive analysis with team assistance. In-depth study of the target market helps designers find innovative design inspirations and understand local market trends. Analyzing competitors’ packaging can ensure distinctiveness and uniqueness.

Research collects packaging forms, color schemes, patterns, elements, font designs, effect maps, and samples from notable brands as references. Common reference brands include Gillette, Braun, Philips, Harry’s, and Billie, integrated with the brand’s needs for innovation.

harry's shaving razor packaging design

Design Framework

Before designing, confirm the theme and elements. The theme is the core concept, and designers’ means of conveying information and emotion. At this stage, designers select suitable design elements like colors, patterns, and fonts based on references collected earlier. Packaging content should integrate structure and brand text requirements to vividly and intuitively convey product features and brand image.

shaving razor process

Design Execution

After creative conception, designers produce samples. Samples can be computer renderings or physical models. The design is now mature, and designers compile fonts, patterns, layouts, and effect maps in PPT format for brand review and explanation of thought process. Modify based on brand feedback. Since razor blades provide clear details through renderings, effect diagrams suffice to understand key packaging details.


Sample Testing

Once designs are approved, samples undergo testing before mass production, called “sample testing.” This bridges designs and finished products. Prepare content verification, platemaking, dimensions, technology, Pantone color coding, folds, and lower version files before samples. Select suitable testing methods like white samples, color samples, and function samples. Strict sampling avoids finished issues. Confirm details and find potential problems promptly with adjustments ensuring quality.

Mass Production

Manufacturer will send samples to clients for confirmation before mass production. Designers closely track the production process to ensure packaging printing quality and design satisfaction until goods safely reach clients, completing their tasks.

shaving razor manufacturer


Effective and timely communication between brands, designers, and factories throughout is important. As a factory with 20 years experience in customized production, Xirui offers clients one-stop services from design to factory. Contact us for customized production needs like razor cartridges, shaving razors, or eyebrow razors.

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