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Why Spring Is the Season for Razor Stockpiling


Major Brands Gear up for Spring Stocking - Have You Secured This Critical Window?

spring is the season for shaving razor stockpiling
As temperatures rise and cherry blossoms bloom, restoring revival to nature is the razor market. Following the end of the 2023 pandemic, the global shaving industry experienced steady recovery. Per the report “Women’s Razor Market - Global Outlook and Forecast”, the worldwide blade field will expand 4.85% annually till 2028, projected to reach $5.28 billion.Shaving Razor Market Growing from 2022 to 2028

Each summer ahead, searches relating to dieting and shaving peak. A Reddit survey showed 5.2% groom for social acceptance; 7.4% for comfort; 16.7% personal aesthetics; and 1.7% partner dynamics. These diverse needs signify huge potential.

As the first spring after economic resurgence, global razor brands commenced new stocking cycles from February. With production and transport comprising key stages over 3-4 months before consumer receipt, spring signifies critical stock build.

Shaving Razor Manufacturing ProcessShaving Razors Transport ProcessShaving Razor Sale Process

Three issues merit priority in spring stocking:

Firstly, evaluate target market and policy shifts. Geopolitical turbulence the past two years from the Russia-Ukraine war and US-China trade rivalry significantly impacted landscapes. For example, transportation to combat nations like Israel and Ukraine decreased as shipping lines reduced voyages, while import restrictions and taxation in Brazil necessitated careful examination of cross-border trade.

Secondly, monitor razor trends. Blades categorize as fixed-head versus pivoting; disposable versus replaceable cartridges; and feature blade counts from one to six. While not strictly demarcated, products skew towards aesthetic appeals of men or women. Research is imperative to comprehend regional hair, preferences and needs.

Xirui Shaving Razor 501Xirui Shaving Razor 504Xirui Shaving Razor 506
Xirui Shaving Razor 501Xirui Shaving Razor 504Xirui Shaving Razor 506

Lastly, identify reliable manufacturers. With production lines and expert servicing, mature suppliers convert ideas into reality after confirming volumes and SKUs. As a 20-year veteran producer, Xinrui offers fully integrated shaving supply chains, robust ODM services, specialized technologists and caring sales assistance across tens of millions of monthly razors alongside logistics partners for timely quality deliveries globally.

Xirui, a razor manufacturing factory with over 20 years of experienceXirui is a razors and blades manufacturing factoryXirui is a blades manufacturing factory with over 20 years of experience
Injection MachinePolishing MachinePacking Machine

For brands with razors or entering the field, seize this moment to lay crucial foundations for future success.

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