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Salt Spray Testing: A Key to Quality Control for Blade Manufacturing

salt spray testing chamber

Salt spray testing is a standardized corrosion testing method prescribed in standards such as ASTM B117, ISO 9227 and DIN 50021. It is widely used to evaluate the corrosion resistance, adhesion, crack resistance and color fastness of materials and surface coatings. Testable materials include metals, plastics, composites, coatings and electroplating, where metals are most commonly evaluated.

Testing is conducted under controlled climatic conditions involving atomization of a salt solution onto specimen surfaces. Test environments are typically maintained at 35°C and 95% relative humidity. Solutions generally consist of sodium chloride and acetates, but other formulas may be used. Exposure durations range from 24 to 96 hours depending on requirements.

salt spray testing chamber

Because razor blades and eyebrow razors encounter corrosive environments during transportation and use, manufacturers conduct salt spray testing on blade and handle samples during the production process to ensure that the product’s corrosion resistance meets standards. Compared to natural exposure testing, salt spray testing provides accelerated results critical to product development and quality oversight of blades and metal products. It also provides a comparative assessment of different materials, coatings or treatments by testing multiple specimens simultaneously.

Testing procedures and environmental parameters must adhere to relevant standards to yield valid data useful for material selection and durability evaluations. Proper specimen preparation, solution concentration maintenance, temperature/humidity control and post-test examinations are required. Timely rinsing prevents continued corrosion during inspection.

salt spray testing chamber

When performed according to prescribed methods, salt spray testing provides repeatable corrosion performance data that exposes product defects. This can guide process improvements to optimize properties such as corrosion resistance and service life. Specialized laboratories are often used for periodic or one-time needs, while continuous projects require dedicated test chambers and technicians.

Xirui Blade Manufacturing factory is equipped with salt spray test chamber and certified operators to perform salt spray tests on blades made of different materials. Continuous improvements are made to provide our customers with better and better blade products. If you would like to learn more about blade manufacturing or customize blades for your own brand, please feel free to contact us!

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